• Builders Skip Hire

Whether it’s a Shop, a Pub, a Hotel or any other Commercial Job, it’s best to get the right skip to support your project – one that fits your requirements. We have medium-sized and large Skips or Roll-on/Roll Off Units to help get the job done and all at the right price to suit your budget.
Remember, if you are not sure what Skip Hire your need for the job, check out our easy Skip Hire Sizes Guide to help you find the right one to suit your requirements and make it easier for you.

• The Office Clearout

Over the years we all tend to put off the “BIG tidy-up!” Old files and folders accumulate; broken furniture and equipment are hidden away from eye-view. Obsolete business magazines and cabinets subtlety blend in and get forgotten about.
Office space is at a premium these days, and you should be making use of every square foot you have, even if it’s only giving the place an ‘airy’ feeling. The truth is, the place would be well-served with a good tidy-up. Get that Skip delivered and rally the office troops for a Tidy-up Day next week! They’ll be glad you did it too and it’ll freshen up the place up. There is no time like the present to avail of Skip Hire from Quick-Move Waste.

• The Office Move

Well it’s not much different than moving house. It’s got to be done. And you are certainly not going to bring all your rubbish into the NEW Office. Get on with it and get the right Skip for the job and it will make it easier for everyone. You can get rid of all that accumulated waste in one fell swoop. Check out our Skip Hire available in our Skip Hire Guide to get the job done.

**PS if you are still not sure which Skip you need, let us make it easy for you: Give a call to Peter directly at 0872549274 or speak to Margaret on 014937753. We would be delighted to help you and give you all the information you need.